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Bahrain will develop existing and high potential growth sectors, there needs to be better access to capital for businesses to thrive, better and fairer regulation, better trained personnel and more opportunities for businesses to serve the region from Bahrain.


We need to embrace competition, make Bahrain fitter to compete regionally and globally and increase our own productivity. Bahrain must shift from an economy built on oil to a more diverse economy that raises a broad middle class of Bahrainis who can earn more and enjoy better living standards. This requires people with the right skills for new and growth sectors. So we will not only focus on giving Bahrainis new skills but also continue to attract additional expertise from overseas companies.


Every Bahraini should be given the opportunity to play an active role in our economic future. This means more and better paid jobs, better access to training and skills development and a better quality of life for all Bahrainis. At the same time no Bahraini should be left behind; so those who cannot actively participate in the economy will be provided for. Government should be accountable and provide better services to all citizens, corruption needs to be rooted out and the justice system should be fair for all. Aspirations for our country - The principles that guide the economic growth of the country need to be translated into action. Vision 2030 specifies a number of clear aspirations for the country across three focus areas. The following is a summary of the aspirations detailed in the Vision 2030.


As a tourist destination, Bahrain receives over eight million visitors per annum. Most of these are from the surrounding Arab states although an increasing number hail from outside the region due to growing awareness of the kingdom's heritage and its higher profile as a result of the Bahrain International F1 Circuit. The kingdom combines modern Arab culture and the archaeological legacy of five thousand years of civilization. The island is home to castles including Qalat Al Bahrain which has been listed by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. The Bahrain National Museum has artifacts from the country's history dating back to the island's first human inhabitants some 9000 years ago.